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Roxy is definitely serious about snowboarding. They also have found the one way to set their selves apart from the rest of the competition. Roxy has developed the one and only snowboard brand that is made and targeted at the female market. That's right. These snowboards are for girls only! Roxy uses award winning technology and industry leading materials in the development of their snowboards and with some famous female riders such as Amber Stackhouse, Roxy is definitely being touted as top class snowboards for female snowboarders.

The only problem with Roxy is that their options are limited. They do offer some stylish and cool boards; however, they are not quite as funky as other board companies. The colors and the graphics tend to be more laid back and "classy" for the female boarder. They also offer the perfect youth girls board that is great for those tiny little feet which increases a youngster's maneuverability skills of the board and allows them to turn the tricks and stunts of their older counterparts. The little ones can feel like a pro with this board.

These boards offer some award winning technology with their boards. The Magne-Traction technology is a twin shape board for freestyle that allows the female rider to play in the park and on the pipe with ease. Roxy also offers a Banana Traction technology that enables female riders to have a better freestyle game, more control and makes their ride so much easier. Other shapes include directional twin shape.

Roxy boards can cost upwards of a little less than $500; however, you can find websites where you can save 40% off of the purchase price, making the boards around $300. Now, what female doesn't love a great shopping bargain whether it's boards or not? Roxy definitely has the market cornered in the female boarding industry.

Besides boards, this company offers a line of boarding boots, skis, apparel and much more. If you want to hit the slopes and parks in style, then Roxy is definitely the way to go. You can be in fashion from head to toe. Roxy offers beanies, caps, shirts, pants, socks, boots and much more. Girls, definitely pay attention to Roxy and the boarding gear that they have to offer.

Roxy, however, is limited and you should keep this in mind. Through research on their website, there was no snowboard bindings offered only ski bindings. This company seems to focus their website attention to the apparel that they have to offer and not necessarily to the sporting equipment. I'm sure if you continue with research on the Roxy snowboard brand you will come across more items and somewhat bigger options when it comes to the snowboarding line; however, you won't find it on their website, unfortunately.

Don't let this fool you, they do offer great technology and award winning boards for the female snowboarder and that accounts for a lot in this industry.

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Roxy Snowboards

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This article was published on 2010/03/29