How to Seduce a Female Friend

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If you ever tried to seduce (or win the heart of) a female friend, then you know that it's not an easy task.

The average guy makes huge mistakes. And as a result, most guys aren't likely to be successful at this.

In reality, some guys do succeed at pulling this off.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, then follow these easy instructions and your success will go up dramatically.

By the way, this method was kind of discovered by accident. I remember one time when I was talking to a female friend and I started to talk about a new girl that I was dating.

At the time, I had never discussed other women with her. I guess I thought it would mess up my chances.

I was completely wrong.

In fact, the more I talked about the new girl, I noticed that the female friend started to show signs of jealousy.

Everything within me told me, I better back off. Then I thought about it, she never had a problem telling me about other guys. Once I realized this, I took it to another level.

In an amazingly short amount of time, she began to flirt with me. Then as the days went on, she had developed a huge crush on me.

Basically, all I did was make her jealous, but I did it in a unique way. I'll explain.

First: You have to remember that most people frown upon such tactics. I should know because I used to be one of those people.

People who don't embrace strategically making a woman jealous say things like:

"It's childish."
"It's game-playing."
"It's manipulation."

I avoid putting labels on anything.

As far I'm concerned, life is about being prepared and doing what works - as long as no one is hurt. The way I see it, it's no different than what people do when they prepare for a job interview.

"They want to leave the right impression."
"They want to frame themselves as being desirable."
"They want to be selected."

If you follow these two easy tips that I'm about to cover, you will be able to seduce a female friend in a way that may seem almost too easy.

First, focus on building the value of the "new girl." It doesn't work as well if your female friend perceives the new girl as un-sexy (or low quality).

This new girl has to be attractive, intelligent and an overall good person. She has to almost seem too good to be true.

Once you get this message across, you want to convey to the female friend that this "new girl" finds certain qualities about you desirable, preferably ones that your female friend may be quick to agree with. That way, it's impossible for her to dismiss the new girl's viewpoint.

If that happens, all of your leverage is gone.

You want to get the image in the female friend's mind of seeing a new attractive girl perceiving you as a "sexy prize."

It's that simple.

And yet, it's one of the most effective ways to get a female friend to start seeing you in a sexier way.

So why does it work so well.

Well, without getting too much into the psychological factors that drive it, it has everything to do with 2 simple things:

"Women are wired to be addicted to attention." (The truth is we are all. It's not a bad thing.) The more attention you place on the new girl, the more the female friend will began to crave your attention in a way that she will not understand.

"Humans will automatically assign more value to something (i.e. an object or a person) once they realize that other people value that thing/person, too."

However, they must respect the person assigning value. In other words, you're not going to INCREASE your "perception of value" of Pepsi, if you saw a homeless guy drinking it.

But, if you saw Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning or Tiger Woods drinking Pepsi, then it has a different psychologically affect on you - whether you have knowledge of this principle or not.

As a result, you will suddenly crave Pepsi or at a minimum, you will see it as more desirable.

Suddenly, you won't find anything wrong with giving Pepsi a try.

It works the same way with seducing a female friend. You're not trying to get her to instantly "rip off her clothes" and drag you into the bedroom.

When you are just starting out, you just want to do something that makes her think that it's OK to give you a try.

In conclusion: When it comes to seducing a female friend, you only have 2 objectives. Find out something that leads to her becoming more attracted to you. And number two, don't make silly seduction mistakes.

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How to Seduce a Female Friend

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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