Female Target Audience: How to Find Them Online

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Do your target audience or key influencers primarily consist of women? If so, you might find this statistic to be of great interest to you in terms of your online marketing strategy:

According to a recent article on eMarketer.com, ad server Unicast performed a study involving female Internet users. In this study, Unicast found that women's "top priority on the internet this summer will be connecting with family and friends (76%). About two-thirds of women also planned to keep up with the news and shop for sales. To that end, the sites they are most likely to visit include search engines (75%), shopping sites and social networks (both 60%)."

Now that you know this juicy tidbit about female Internet users, how can you connect with them online? Here are a few ways:

Host a Contest: With 31% of female Internet users likely to find interest in an online item that "allows you to create and submit an entry for a chance to win a prize," hosting a contest on your blog or website is an excellent way to get in front of these females online.

If these women enjoy participating in contests and interacting with others, asking contest participants to submit a video or essay around a specific topic for their chance to win your prize is an ideal way to grab their interest.

When choosing a prize to give away, consider offering your company's product(s) or service(s) as a prize or choose a prize that's related to your industry.

Interact with Mommy Bloggers with a Predominantly Female Readership: Commenting and asking questions on blogs run by moms allow you to expose yourself to that blogger's target audience and possibly build a relationship with this blogger—or key influencer.

Also, many bloggers have a link to their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and / or bookmarking pages, which is a great opportunity for you to further connect with these individuals on some of their favorite social media platforms. Whether you ask a question, make a comment, or share an excellent article, interacting with the blogger and the blog readers will enable you build a foundation for a relationship.

The more you add value to the conversation happening on these blogs and social media pages, the more you will gain positive exposure to these blogs' readers. You can reach an abundance of various markets by choosing a few female bloggers you believe are influential to women, and by connecting with them on a regular basis.

Start an Ezine: According to the same eMarketer.com article, Unicast found that the most popular online ads female Internet users are most likely to notice, are the ones that allow them to "take advantage of sales offers, discounts, or special promotion codes." A whopping 46% of participants said this would grab their attention above all else.

With that said, how can you attract the attention of these female Internet users without coming off as too salesy? Create a newsletter that offers recipients tips and advice and has an area comprised of coupons and discount codes for your products / services.

For example, if you owned a luxury salon and spa, you could send out a biweekly newsletter that included anything from "5 Materials Necessary for a Do-It-At-Home Facial," or "Tips for the Lips: Make Your Lips Pop." At the bottom of these newsletters, you could offer a coupon or special promotion code that enables newsletter recipients to be rewarded for their participation in your newsletter. And not only will they feel special and rewarded for their loyalty to your company, but they'll also receive valuable information and a discount on products / services.


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Female Target Audience: How to Find Them Online

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This article was published on 2010/10/01