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Brain-Pad always strives in offering efficient protection to athletes of all ages and all levels of skills. The next step for Brain-Pad is now to market their products to female athletes, as they are growing in number on a professional and amateur level. With the new LoPro Female Series, Brain-Pad is certainly hoping to reach a new market by offering the first ever Female specific mouth guard currently offered in stores.

The LoPro Female Series currently offers two different models, one specifically targeted for junior female athletes while the other one is full-sized and ideal for adult female athletes. Both mouth guards are made out of special thermoplastics in an effort to allow for better teeth impressions and more cushioning when facing impact. These female-specific mouth guards still offer all the special characteristics offered by other regular Brain-Pad products, such as a lower jaw protection allowing to eliminate risks of concussions and brain injuries by securing the lower jaw in its sockets. The same 'constant air' breathing space at the front of the mouth guard is also featured on this line of protection, allowing for stable and constant breathing even when clenching teeth during impact or when furnishing an uncommonly difficult effort.

With the growing popularity of female sports team and athletes, it was only natural for Brain-Pad to conceive a line of product that would cater exclusively to young girls and women. Check out the LoPro Female Series today!

Just like with the birth of any good innovative product, Brain-Pad's first mouth guard was conceived after an important incident occurred; an incident that could have been prevented with the use of an adequate mouth guard. After well-known boxer Jesse Ferguson developed a condition called Temporomandibular joint disorder, a solution had to be found in order to allow Ferguson to get back in the ring, but also to protect other fighters from developing the same problem.

After many extensive researches, a mouth guard specially designed to keep Ferguson's jaw secure when being struck or hit finally got full branded and developed. Ferguson experienced a singular difference right away during his first fight with what was to become the first Brain-Pad mouth guard glass jaw syndrome went away as quickly as they appeared, and the use of this protection allowed Ferguson to keep fighting for many years after developing Temporomandibular joint disorder.

Since that day, many well-known athletes as well as entire teams, coaches and parents have adopted the Brain-Pad line of products as being an essential part of any sports gear and equipment. To this date, 15 years after its first product was born, Brain-Pad has protected more than 3 million adult and junior athletes as well as competitors of many sports all around the world. Brain-Pad's mission is to allow the safe practice of any sports, whether extreme or not, and protect athletes against concussion risks and any other brain and head injuries that could be fatal or have an important impact on the health and career of the athlete.

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Brain-pad's Lopro Female Series

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This article was published on 2010/12/20